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Month: September 2012

YakitoriQ Barbecue Franchise

Yakitori is a Japanese street food usually consisting of chicken and its different parts, skewered and grilled to perfection, dipped in secret barbecue sauce. In Japan, Yakitori-ya stands
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Big Chill Franchise

In December 1994, Big Chill was established as a new concept serving premium quality blended shakes made with 100% fresh-cut fruit. It caters to a diverse age group
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SumoSam Restaurant Franchise

The legend of Sumo Sam has captured the hearts end appetites of Japanese food enthusiasts across Metro Manila over the last six years since the restaurant started in
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Dimsum Break Franchise

Dimsum Break is the fastfood spin-off from three well-known Chinese restaurants called Ding Mow Dimsum House that pioneered the all-day dimsum cuisine in Cebu City in 1969/ Ding
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