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Month: March 2013

Work Area Printing Franchise

Work.area began fourteen years ago in 1999 with a single-unit photocopying machine, a desktop computer, and a printer. The business idea was introduced to general manager Ms. Isel
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Bubi Trampoline Franchise

Bubi Trampoline is a child loved activity. Ideal for prospective Franchisees who look for a business, which does not cost much and at the same time does not need
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Barrio Bistro Franchise

Davao Barrio Bistro – as the name suggests, originates in Davao City. A restaurant offering a selection of modern comfort foods ranging from favorite local to highly accepted
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Chicken Charlie Franchise

In 2010, Chicken Charlie was the first brand of double-fried chicken to be introduced in Manila. Inspired by similar restaurants in the U.S. and Korea, it offered Filipinos
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E&E’s Takuyaki Franchise

Takuyaki (Tah-Co-Yah-Kee) was developed and invented by a Japanese named Endo Tomekichi of Osaka, Japan in 1935 and founded the first Takuyaki shop called Aizuya. The meal quickly
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