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Month: August 2014

Inihauz Franchise

INIHAUZ has been bringing uniquely delicious and affordable roast specialties to every family and home. From their famous Chili Roast Chicken to lechon belly and boneless bangus, INIHAUZ
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AGRI Retail Store Franchise

AGRI is the retail arm of publicly listed company Calata Corporation. Established in February 2011, AGRI’s chain of retail outlets throughout Luzon offers consumers a wide variety of
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Spa R Us Franchise

A full service of day spa and body care developed by SKINLINE Corporation catering to men, women, elderly and teens. Not only with wide array of services that
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NaiCha Milk Tea Franchise

NaiCha Milk Tea started selling its ice-blended milk tea with gummy jelly pearls for the first time in December 2010 from its main store located across Royal Duty
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Lechonapay Franchise

Lechonapay – The 1st & Only Litsong Tinapay! A unique cylinder-shaped bread, roasted (instead of baked) to a delightful treat with its yummy crispy crust. Flavors
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