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Angel’s Pizza Franchise

ln the beginning, there was only good food.Then, man wanted speed. So fast food was created. Now, the challenge is to make food that’s both good and fast.

Meeting the demands of food-lovers on-the-go is no easy task. But Angel’s, has an edge, learning from many years of valuable experience as former franchise owner of an international pizza chain. That’s why establishing an efficient operations system was not difficult. After securing it’s registration in IPO, in a span of (4 of months) like a domino effect, Angel’s outlets spread all over Metro Manila, reaching as far as Dagupan City! Angel’s Pizza, Pasta, Combo have 35 outlets, 9 full store and 26 slice booths.

Franchise Information

Full Store

  • Franchise investment – P4 Million
  • Franchise fee – P500,000+VAT
  • Security deposit – P150,000
  • Space requirement – 80sqm

Commercial Boot

  • Franchise investment – P300,000
  • Franchise fee – P200,000+VAT
  • Security deposit – P75,000
  • Space requirement – 40sqm

Royalty fee – 4.25%
Marketing fund – 4%
Contract – 6-10 years
Renewal fee – 40% of Franchise fee


  • Site assessment
  • Store design
  • Store construction
  • Store equipment
  • Initial stocks
  • Training
  • Opening assistance
  • Store operations manual
  • Project management fee


Zuriel Pizza and Pasta
170 Corazon de Jesus St., San Juan
Tel 725-4641
Email: [email protected]

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