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Cebuanos Encourage to Venture Into Franchising

Cebuanos who are considering small- and medium-scale business opportunities are encouraged to venture into franchising.

Rudolf Kotik, president and chief operating officer of RK Franchise Consultancy (RKFC), said participating in franchise expos provides a bigger chance for potential local entrepreneurs to establish linkages with franchisors.

“Franchising is growing and booming now”, Kotik told a press conference during the launching of the 8th Cebu Franchise Expo at the Neo-Neo Grill in Mabolo, Cebu City.

The three day franchise expo, in cooperation with RKFC and the Filipino International Franchise Association (Fifa), will open on Friday at the SM City Cebu Trade Hall.

Fifa is a non-profit organization that helps franchisees who have problems with their franchisors.


Kotik said 70 exhibitors, including eight franchising companies in Cebu, are joining the event.

He said this year’s expo is different from that of the previous year because of the participation of Cebu-grown party accessory and balloon maker Sparkles Balloons.

Other locally grown businesses that have ventured into franchising are Ink2Go, Laser Arts (laser engraving), Beefwich, and Gwen’z Sanwiches that, despite being Manila-based, are owned and managed by Cebuanos.

The expo will also feature businesses from other provinces like Banoks of Davao, Mama Maria of Bacolod, Cardinal Bakeshop of Surigao, Potato Madness of Bulacan and Save ‘n Earn Cellshop of Bohol, among others.


Kotik said even advertisement companies like Rapid advertising and Ad and Promo Management (APM) from Davao will be launching their franchise businesses.

Apart from the increasing number of exhibitors, Kotik said the franchise expo’s success will be gauged by its ability to meet its objectives.

“All exhibitors must find what they’re looking for. In our case, more than 200 clients have developed into franchising,” he said.

Earlier Philippine Franchising Association chairperson Alegria Limjoco said franchising is the easiest way to start a business as franchisees, or those who buy the license to operate and use an established business name, get the assurance that the system of operation they are implementing has been proven to be successful.