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Coffee Tea & Symphony Franchise

On January 5th 2014, in the heart of Valenzuela City, opened a Café who dared to shake the odds against a typical normal looking establishment within this thriving city. Its ambitious character, inspired by an eclectic shabby-chic interior and a dynamic, vibrant, fresh looking vibe, has been embraced and well loved by its regular goers making the brand Coffee Tea & Symphony a household name for most of the Medical Students/Staff in Fatima Medical Center/University.

Since then, CTS brand, also known as by its regular customers, have relatively been the abode of most of these medical students practically providing them a cozy environment for studying and passing various regular exams after board exams through the years.

The founder and owners of this establishment have consistently invested time and effort on its product development to address the changing needs of its customers through changing times; hence, making the CTS experience even more worth sharing and repeating.

At Coffee Tea & Symphony, we are dedicated in producing highly quality end products with investment on research and understanding what our customers want and need. Through that, we ascertain a wide array of consumer demographics across social class. We believe that there must always be specific calculations in creating a perfectly delicious beverage. From the brew process of the tea and coffee through right temperatures together with the amount and only reputable brands we used as our raw materials to mix on these base products, we are assured that our brand can withstand stiff competitions elsewhere.

Franchise Fees:

  • Food Cart – P88,000
  • In-line Store (Small) – P199,000
  • Café (Big) Set-up – P250,000

Franchise inclusions

  • Franchise Memorandum of agreement
  • Free training for 2 weeks
  • Free site location assistance
  • Free recruitment of service crew(manpower assistance)
  • Free marketing peripherals (tarps,banners,flyers,loyalty & discount cards)
  • Free initial assistance on procurement of everything


Christopher So
Call: 952-0172 , 0919-913-2425
Email: [email protected]

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