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Corrie’s Kitchen Franchise

Franchise Information

Franchise fee: Php 350,000
Total investment: starting from Php 1 million (depending on the size of the branch
Terms: 5 years
Royalty: 5%
Advertising fee: 2%

Franchisor Support:

  • Market study of proposed location
  • Sourcing of supplies
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Recruitment and training
  • Coninuing operation and training support

Initial investment inclusion:

  • Construction of building (approx. 40 sqm. with parking lot)
  • Purchse of equipment and furniture
  • Initial supplies
  • Training (1.5 months for 7 persons)
  • Pre-operating expenses

Franchise FAQ

1. Can a franchise lease a site?
Yes, the franchise can lease a site where the proposed restaurant will be built. We recommend that the franchisee enter in to a long term lease agreement.

2. How much money will I make? How long will it take to recover my investment?
Net Income realizable from Corrie’s Kitchen venture will depend on how efficient and aggressive your operations will be and how good the site is. Expenses are related to sales. On the other hand, sales is the result of hardwork, perseverance and business acumen. It is however estimated that within 2-3 years, your total investment should have been recovered.

3. How many employees do I have to hire? Who does the hiring?
A typical Corrie’s Kitchen will have at least 7 employees including the Branch Manager. We will furnish the franchisee with a set of qualifications of the employees to be employed in the restaurant and will assist in the screening of the members of the Management Team.

4. Do I have to put-up a company to own and/or manage a Corrie’s Kitchen franchise?
You can operate your Corrie’s Kitchen either as a sole propreitor, with your associate partnership or set up a corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, more than the ownership of the franchise, at Corrie’s we expect the franchisee to be actively involved and willing to participate in the management and operations of the restaurant.

5. I already own another franchise operations, can I still apply for a Corrie’s Kitchen franchise?
Yes, subject to Corrie’s Kitchen Franchise Agreement. As the principal or the majority owner of the Corrie’s franchise, you cannot be involved in direct competition.

6. Is the franchisee required to purchase any of the equipment and supplies from Corrie’s Kitchen?
The supply requirements of Corrie’s Franchise Restaurant will be supplied through the commisary. However, other items can be purchased from Corrie’s sub-contractors and/or accredited suppliers.

7. Who will provide the building plans? Who will do the construction?
Corrielen Food, Inc. through our recommended architect will provide the franchisee the guidelines for the building plans. The franchisee however has the option to use/contract a Corrie’s recommended contractor or their own contractor duly accredited by Corrielen Food, Inc. The restaurant will be constucted at a cost to be borne by the franchisee. Cost to acquire building permits, professional fees, and other incidental cost will also be shouldered by the franchisee. During the construction, Corrielen Food, Inc. will monitor and supervise the development of the project.

8. Is the training for the franchisee and for his employees provided?
Yes, the franchisee(s) as well as his Branch Manager will be provided with a comprehensive training for 1 1/2 months. Training will be part of the Corrie’s franchise package to ensure the delivery of consistent and standard high quality products and services.

9. What marketing and advertising support will I receive?
Corrielen marketing and advertising professionals continuously conduct researches/studies to help improve each restaurant’s image in particular and the Corrie’s Kitchen brand in general. Sales and sales trends are being analyzed on a wider perspective. System-wide and local store promotions and advertising campaigns are being planned to provide maximum impact on a limited budget. They also monitor ever-changing customer preference through surveys and other research methods beneficial in the formulation of promotional programs and the introduction of new products.

10. What other support and service will Corrie’s Kitchen provide its franchisee(s)?
Corrie’s Kitchen shall provide the franchisee recruitment and training support as well as marketing and advertising support and product development and monitoring.

11. What are the qualifications required for a Corrie’s Kitchen franchisee?
We require our franchisees to be business-oriented. They do not necessarily have to be experienced in managing food business, however they should posses the capability and willingness to learn the business. Their active involvement in the operations of the restaurant is critical. They should be entrepreneurs who enjoy working, communicating and relating with employees and customers.

12. How long will it take to get a Corrie’s Kitchen franchise operating?
Once the site has been approved, the franchise agreement signed and all the related fees paid, it takes approximately 3-4 months for the Corrie’s Kitchen Restaurant to be ready for operations.

13. How does one get started and what are the next steps?
The first pre-requisite is to ask all the questions and be satisfied with the answers. Upon receipt of the Corrie’s Kitchen Evaluation Form and a location map of your prospective site, we will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss your area of interest and the franchising systems of Corrie’s Kitchen. All necessary and pertinent information will be discussed with relative to your interest in the Corrie’s Kitchen Franchising Program.


Telephone Number: 634-3090
Tele-fax: 746-5437
E-mail: [email protected]