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Cynetzone Gaming Franchising

It was summer of year 2006 in Boracay, when a conversation with the proprietor and the representative owner was initiated to conceptualize and plan to put up a business for an Internet Café. An agreement between the parties finally decided to open it on October 2006. The said business was named Cynetzone Internet Café (CZIC), which was opened at SM City San Lazaro on the same month. It was a fair business then for CZIC but we felt like adding some features and other forms of attraction would be better. Years have passed we thought of a new concept of combining personal computers (PCs) and Consoles (PS2/PS3/XBOX 360) for an extra entertainment for our various clients. On April 2007, CZIC made a trial set-up of the 2 stainless tables with 2 units playstation3 (PS3), and 2 units playstation2 (PS2) gaming consoles with LCD TVs. We observed that often times clients would visit the shop for PS3 gaming rather than for the internet / computer rentals. And this valued clients of ours seemed to be satisfied and enjoying our unique gaming setup to the point of requesting for additional playsation3 set-ups.

Since then, we finally decided to expand the business concentrating this time to an open-counter type of gaming station. We opened Cynetzone Gaming SM Fairview on August 2009. It has 32 units of gaming consoles (PS3/XBOX 360) following the same interior set set-up. It is indeed a gaming arena! Playing in a comfortable and cozy ambiance used to be our concern for clients, having to play relaxed on couch accompanied with headsets. We also have our very own Home Theater Gaming Set-up System with 40 inch LED 3D TV, 32 inch LCD TV and a Logitech Digital 5.1 Home Theater Sound System with 4 satellites, 1 center channel and 1 sub woofer speakers for a virtual real gaming experience. CZG SM Fairview also offers LAN-Party Gaming and Online Gaming, Guitars for Guitar Hero Games, and a Logitech G27 Steering Wheel for a real driving experience for racing enthusiasts.

Cynetzone Gaming consistently provides and offers the best gaming experience for our valued clients. Because of our clients’ continuous patronage and support for this ultimate and exciting gaming experience, we decided to expand again by having another branch located at SM Department Store Cubao, Cyberzone area. It is a circular counter-type gaming station composed high end equipment and gadgets like 40-inch LED 3DTV with a Home Theater Sound System Set-up, XBOX Kinect, PS3 Move Motion and Standard PS3 and Xbox 360 Set-up Consoles with 23 inch LCD TV. We are also offer LAN-Party and Online Console Gaming. All games are 3d compatible. Few weeks after its opening 2 units of PS3 Guitars were added for Guitar and Rockband games as well as Logitech G27 Steering Wheel for a real driving experience for racing enthusiasts.

Franchise Details

  • Franchise Fee: P250,000
  • Total Capital Requirement: From 3.5M (50sqm – 32 consoles) and UP depending on store size and number of game consoles.
  • Royalty Fee: 10% of gross income
  • Required Space: 50 sqm minimum

It includes:

  •  Franchise operations Manual
  •  Comprehensive and Continuing Training
  •  Start-up and pre-operating Business Giudance
  •  Assistance on site-selection and Evaluation.
  •  Architectural design and construction
  •  Marketing, promotions and Advertising Support
  •  Playstation 4 consoles
  •  XBOX One consoles
  •  Kinect Sensors (depends on package)
  •  PS4 move and motion controllers
  •  23 Inch Samsung LCD Full HD TVs for standard setups (4 per station)
  •  37 Inch LG/Samsung LEDs Full HD TVs for theater setups (2 per station)
  •  One 40 Inch Samsung 3D LED TV with 3D glasses
  •  Logitech 5.1 Home Theater Surround Sound system for theater setups.
  •  Logitech mini speakers for standard setups
  •  Custom made stainless steel tables and sofas.
  •  Extra gadgets: Logitech G27 steering wheel and guitars.
  •  100+ Most popular PS4 and XBOX One games.
  •  Full branch construction with heavy Duty Raised Flooring panels.
  •  Graphical wall fence.
  •  Acrylic Glass with Sticker logo on top of fences.
  •  Counter with signage.
  •  CCTV Cameras
  •  Custom made Billing Tracking software.
  •  1 set of PC for Server and printer.

Franchise brochure at:


General Manager/Sales
Cell: +632 357 66 35
[email protected]

Lower Ground Floor, The New Annex Building
SM City Fairview  Contact No.: 332-5792

Basement Level
Cyberzone Area SM Department Store Cubao
Araneta Center, Cubao
Contact No.: 352-6447

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