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Dagupena Boneless Bangus Franchise

Dagupena is dedicated to processing and packing quality bangus raised within Bonuan, Dagupan and its neighboring environs. Our fish is handpicked by foragers with the strictest standards of quality

We are the producers of best quality vaccum packed Dagupena Boneless Bangus Products. Our milk fish is farmed in Dagupan and its neighboring environs. We use the freshest ingredients for both our traditional and innovative recipes.

We have an artisanal approach to our production processes and treat our purveyors, foragers, employees, distributors and clients like one big family. We take you to our dinner table to savor bangus recipes which were first prepared in our grandmother’s 1928 restaurant Dagupena.

Franchise Information

  • Minimum Floor Area Requirement 10 to 15 sq. meters of commercial space
  • Equipment: At least
    • one (1) chest freezer (showcase type)
    • One Office Table and/or Countertop
    • Cash Box / Register
  • Signage: Lighted Panaflex Signage (Optional), Streamers
  • Manpower: One Store Clerk
  • Business Documentation:
    • Business Permit / Mayors Permit
    • DTI Certificate of Business Registration
    • BIR 2303 Certificate of Registration
    • Official Receipt / Cash Invoice

For a very reasonable start up capital have a taste of three generations of close-guarded bangus recipes from the home of the original boneless bangus.
Package Inclusions:

  • Use of trade name and logo of Dagupena Bangus for the purposes of selling uncooked, vacuum packed Dagupena Bangus products.
  • Product inventory worth up to Php 20,000
  • One (1) large chest freezer with stick-on banner
  • One (1) signage (optional), stand banners and backdrop banners
  • Two (2) sets of uniforms
  • Training of employee/employees
  • Operating assistance and marketing support


Long Island Agro-Development Corporation
Head Office: 13 Mc Kinley St., Binmaley, Pangasinan
Telefax: (+6375) 5400147

Sales Office: Auro-vir Bldg., Evangelista St., Makati City
Telefax: (+632) 7516180
Email: [email protected], [email protected]


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