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Discovering Franchise Success with Fruit Magic

Finding success in a cup of one’s favorite beverage is not a usual occurrence for most businessmen. But for the husband and wife entrepreneur team of Cornelio and Maria Fatima Cortez, this is exactly what they found when they decided to invest into their very own Fruit Magic beverage bar in the food court area of Mall of Asia.

The couple, who were already successful in their rice milling business in Bulacan, decided to acquire a Fruit Magic franchise as a new business opportunity, aside from the fact that they truly enjoyed the naturally healthy fruit concoctions of the fast-rising premier juice bar chain.

“We had always loved fresh fruit shakes and nectars of Fruit Magic, because they are the best alternative to carbonated drinks. We had long admired the vision of providing natural and healthy beverages to the public espoused by the company. So when we thought about investing in a new business, we asked ourselves‚ “why not get a Fruit Magic franchise?” stated Fatima, explaining the main reason why she and her husband went into the business.

Cornelio, who once worked as a bank executive, immediately went to work finding out how to acquire a Fruit Magic franchise. But the couple suffered an initial setback when they found out that Fruit Magic was not yet open for franchising.

“Our timing at the start was too early. The company still had not decided on offering any franchise stores to the public, but they were rapidly expanding their business and gaining wider visibility around Metro Manila. So we thought that we would just wait a little bit more, because we knew that our opportunity will come,” said Cornelio.

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