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F – Franchise Directory

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  1. Fabricare Cleaners
  2. Facial Haus Salon
  3. Facial Plus Salon
  4. Fagioli Coffee Club
  5. FastPrep, Inc. School
  6. Fat Boy’s Pizza Pasta
  7. Fat Choi Hong Kong Style
  8. Fat Tuesday Restaurant
  9. Feet for Us Spa
  10. Felisa Fleur Beauty & Spa
  11. Ferino’s Bibingka
  12. Fern-C Vitamin C
  13. Fern Slim
  14. Figaro Coffee Shop
  15. Figure Haus
  16. Fino Leatherware Store
  17. Fiorgelato (Milkin Corp.)
  18. Fix It Electronics Service
  19. Flavored Rice Box
  20. Flavored Rice Rice Toppings
  21. Float D’ Floating Ice Cream
  22. Florofoto Digital Express
  23. Flying Saucer Sandwich
  24. Focus Barbershop and Salon
  25. Folded and Hung
  26. Footlong Hotdog Sandwich
  27. Footloose Foot Spa
  28. Forest House Restaurant
  29. Forever Flawless Face & Body Center
  30. Formulab Cleaning Chemicals
  31. Foto-ME Photo Studio
  32. FourlinQ Corp.
  33. Franck Provost Salon
  34. Freddie Roach Boxing Camp
  35. Freeway Retail Store
  36. Fresh Salon & Spa
  37. Freska Ilonggo Seafood and Inasal
  38. Fressan Bakery
  39. Fried Ice Cream
  40. Fried Noodles Hong Kong Style
  41. Frio-Mixx Restaurant
  42. Frito Frio Fried Ice Cream
  43. Fritz Roast Chicken
  44. Fruit Haven
  45. Fruit Magic Healthy Foods
  46. Fruitas
  47. Fruitas Fruit Shakes
  48. Furnishop Furniture Store
  49. Future Culinary Arts and Services
  50. Fuzion Smoothie Cafe
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