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Florofoto Digital Express Franchise

The Florofoto Digital Express is a compact designed kiosk for printing digital photos in seconds.

The f l o r o f o t o Digital Express uses no chemicals nor ink cartridges thereby requiring minimal maintenance. Photos generated by the f l o r o f o t o Digital Express system are water proof and highly resistant to fading for 100 years.

The f l o r o f o t o Digital Express accepts images from cell phones, digital cameras, CDs/DVDs, flash drives, and multimedia cards. The florofoto Digital Express provides unlimited templates for creating IDs, Visas, Passports, fun pictures, and fun posters.

Franchising Features

  • P250,000 covering two years inclusive of
  • Equipment
  • Software
  • Training
  • No Royalty Fees
  • No Monthly Volume Required

Franchising Requirements:

  • 2 pieces 2×2 inch photos
  • Detail Resume
  • Letter of Intent and Proposed Location
  • Vicinity Map of Proposed Location


  • Carlos Palanca Street, San Miguel, Tel: 735-0001 Fax: 734-9479
  • A. Flores Street, Ermita, Tel: 523-1199 Fax: 523-6493
  • 367 Plaza Sta. Cruz, Tel: 733-3030 Fax: 524-9734
  • Nuestra Sra. De Guia & Alhambra, Ermita, Tel: 521-4596
  • 612 TM Kalaw Street, Ermita, Tel: 523-96-23 Fax: 524-9734



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