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Frito Frio (The Real Fried Ice Cream) Franchise

Frito Frio is a business concept of Frederick Siy, who got the idea in 2005 when he chanced upon a restaurant selling fried ice cream in France. Frito Frio introduced a whole new concept of fried-to-order pre-mixed flavors. Frito Frio has the customer’s own unique preference in mind. They serve preservative-free, made-to-order sundaes and toppings. They will soon be expanding their product line to serve other food and drinks.

Franchise Fee:

  • P 360,000 (Metro Manila)
  • P 350,000 (Provincial)

Total Investment:

  • P 500,000


1024 Global Corporate Center
1026 EDSA, Munoz Quezon City
Phone: +(632) 426 2888 local 356
Fax: +(632) 426 3888
Email: [email protected], [email protected]


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