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GreenPower Battery Restorer Franchise

The need for battery restoration is quite simple – to save you money, save you the hassle of replacing your batteries too early and to keep your batteries healthy and powerful for longer enabling superior performance & longevity; and of course to preserve nature and cut down pollution, to save resources of our planet.

What is a Battery Restorer

A battery restorer is an electronic device that can remove the solidified Sulfate on the battery plate due to sulfation by using the NEW – IT vibrator pulse. With this technology, you can use the battery longer or it can be reusable.

Business opportunity with minimum investment as franchise.

  • Battery retail shop – ROI in 6 months
  • Premiere battery service provider – fleet operators (taxi, bus, truck, jeep, etc.)
  • Big company or government unit user  – save battery cost for your own vehicle/equipment


Greenpower Restore Corp.
3rd Floor ECJ Building,
Real corner Arzobispo Sts.,
Intramuros, Manila
Direct Line: (02) 525-0874, 577-8720
Email: [email protected]


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