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Hot Loops Donuts Dealership

1. Who chooses the store location? What is the suitable location for a Hot Loops Outlet?

The dealer is responsible for finding the suitable location. Suggested store locations include bus terminals, public markets, shopping malls, office buildings, schools, churches, hospitals, etc.

2. Does Hot Loops grant area exclusivity?

Hot Loops does not grant area exclusivity.

3. What is the minimum space requirement for a Hot Loops store site?

The space requirement differs for each type of package: 5sqm. for booth; 5-10sqm. for kiosk; 30-40sqm. for the store type package.

4. Are there royalty fees?

There are absolutely no royalty fees.

5. What training do I get?

To ensure the success of operating a Hot Loops store, the dealer and his/her crew will undergo training on the ff: a general company orientation, Hot Loops product offerings, policies and procedures in the Hot Loops system, and customer service.

6. Who will hire my store crew?

The dealer directly hires all necessary store crew.

7. Do I get marketing support during the opening?

Hot Loops provides a package consisting of all the necessary marketing collaterals for a successful store opening. A list will be provided as soon a the dealer agreement is signed. A pre-opening checklist is provided as guidance for the preparation.

8. Where can I buy my equipment and supplies?

Hot Loops has accredited suppliers for all equipments, donuts and supplies in the store.

Steps in Getting the Hot Loops Dealership Program

  1. Send us your letter of intent with proposed location
  2. Our business development group will present the complete business plan/package.
  3. Submit a market study with pedestrian foot traffic count on your proposed location.
  4. Hot Loops business development group will conduct market verification and site inspection.
  5. Review the dealership contract.
  6. Sign the contract and pay the signing fee.
  7. Undergo training and apply for the necessary permits.
  8. Open your very own Hot Loops store.


Hot Loop Plant
#13 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.,
Bagong Ilog Pasig City
Tel: 672-2331
E-mail: [email protected]

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