KeRRimO Food and Drink Franchise

We are KERRIMO and we are an innovative food and drink in one cup outlet that serves hot, delicious snacks or finger food fast, fresh and ready to go.

We cook our Canadian, Belgian and US made fries, Magnolia chicken pops and nuggets and Purefoods hotdog balls in New Zealand’s finest beef tallow oil serve with drinks from Coca-Cola, top with a choice of dips including ‘poutine’ a French-Canadian original sprinkled with grated cheese.

Our fries are mostly from Lamb Weston of Canada which is a major supplier of frozen potato products world wide to restaurants and consumers. They have a history of rapid growth, which will continue though innovative technical advancements, exciting product developments and by continuously improving every aspect of their production process to assure efficiency, product consistency and quality. We at KERRIMO offer quality imported fries at affordable prices.

Franchise Details

I. Concept

  • Innovative snacking and easy to carry products.
  • Patented snack dish that can be fitted to a 16 oz or 22 oz. drinking cup
  • The first and one of its kind in the Philippines

II. Investment Requirement

Franchise Fee P 120,000

Cart – P175,000-P195,000

  • Franchise fee included
  • includes 1 electric fryer, 1 freezer and other utensils
  • includes 2 uniforms, employee training
  • P5,000 initial supply included
  • Signage

Kiosk Type – P220,000-P245,000

  • Franchise fee included
  • includes 2 electric fryers, 1 freezer and other utensils
  • includes 2 uniforms, employee training
  • P10,000 initial supply included
  • signage

Additional Capital requirement – P120,000-200,000

  • pre-operating expenses
  • advance rental
  • cash bond
  • insurance
  • permits and licenses, etc.

Total Capital Investment: P 270-450,000


  • The franchise fee for the first outlet is P120,000 and P90,000 for each additional outlet.
  • The franchise fee is for a terms of 3 years.
  • A refundable Security Deposit of P20,000 is required to cover for unpaid stocks and other amounts owing to the franchisor.

III. Service Fee

No service fees or royalty payments.

Space Requirement: minimum of 2-3 square meters


  • Commercial areas, malls, schools and universities, and other high foot traffic areas with good visibility and access.
  • ROI (with a rent of P15,000)
  • High selling areas (Heavy foot traffic) 3 months
  • Medium: 6 months
  • Low: 15 months


Rowena Kim
Inokim Corporation
21 C. Ignacio St. Poblacion
Sta. Maria, Bulacan 3022

Tel: (044) 641.3067
Mobile: 0905-2211020, 0920-9080017

updated: 09/21/08

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109 Responses to “KeRRimO Food and Drink Franchise”

  1. ck says:

    ano ba yan Rowena Kim? I thought that ur doing good in ur business. Now people r chasing u. Wow! Wala sa ginagawa mong image. I really cant tell f lahat ng na ka post na negative feedback against u is true, sana hindi kc if it is…….. Isa lang masasabi ko! Talagang may karma. Settle mo nalang yan before its too late. Baka bumaliktad lahat ang situation later at ikaw naman ang ikulong. Lets see how u feel U INSIDE THE MONKEY HOUSE. But its better kung ikulong ka at least talagang may kasalanan ka naman. Though here in phil. talagang mabagal ang JUSTICE SYSTEM. Sana nga mapadali…

  2. ck says:

    Solenn, dont worry hindi lang ikaw who feels na na victimized ni Mrs. Kim, there are more. Some of them gave up and some still waiting kasi matigas talaga yan and magaling manggulang and usually gugulatin ka nya and say GO ON ITS YOUR RIGHT. Kasi alam nya na matagal ang process ng case. I wish u good luck Solenn, hope u’ll meet those other franchisee na may problem kay Mrs. Kim.

  3. dj says:

    she’s still Mrs. Rowena Kim pa ba? she’s got married daw again ha. .sa bf nya ngyon. .liar tlaga yan. .BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F says:

    Baka ikaw ang liar! My boyfriend siguro siya pero hindi na niya kayang magpakasal. Sa sobrang busy niya.. haha. Fulfilled na siguro siya sa pagmamahal ng mga taong nakapaligaid sa kanya ang sa only anak niya.

  5. ck says:

    haha! Talaga? She got married again? Wow!She can afford to pay for the annualment and divorce? And BTW having a bf, wheres the husband ba?

  6. F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F says:

    @ck Hello?! Alam mo ba yung word na “siguro”? Ha? It means maybe, perhaps, hindi sure, hindi confirmed! And nabasa mo ba nang matino ang statement na: “hindi na niya kayang magpakasal”? Ewan ko, sabi ng friend ko wala daw dito sa pilipinas. Wala ka ng pakielam dun!

  7. cg says:

    thnx! Kuaresma na…tell her na magtika sya pra mabawasan ang kasalanan nia….

  8. cc says:

    buti na lng di ko tinuloy mag franchise…bka nabiktima rin ako ng taong yan. .sa interesado!!. .think many times muna. .syang ang pinaghirapan nyo..

  9. Open_Air says:

    Ano ba yan napasama pa kami sa naloko nyan c ROWENA KIM NA YAN, sna makarama yan

  10. ;{ says:

    ang dami mo nang naloko!. .patong-patong na karma na ang aabutin mo…mag-bago ka na baka sakaling magkapuwang ka pa sa heaven!

  11. gerard says:

    Sorry to interfere but i am also a franchisee of Ms. Rowena, hearing from you i don’t know how serious these guys of the propaganda they made against Ms. Rowena. As of now, my business is going well and looking forward to have more branches here in my area. I am praying that everything will go well. I trust Ma’am Rowena and she was committed in everything we have dealings with. this is a serious matter and i need facts. God bless everyone.

  12. doods says:

    yup, sir! it’s a fact. i’ve been victimized by ms. rowena kim also. it’s not mere propaganda. lucky for you . i had high hopes that being a kerrimo franchisee would bring me good fortune. Unfortunately, all it gave me was heartache and disappointment. Considering that it’s my first time to venture into that business after so many years of being a civil servant.

  13. doods says:

    i do hope that she comes to her senses. there is a God up there, remember. she may get away with every wrong she has done to many people but He is watching I’m sure. God is good but he is just.

  14. doods says:

    i just wonder if “wish ko lang” (the gma 7 program) is aware of this. it has been used by ms. kim as a propaganda tool.

  15. jongjong says:


  16. noreen says:

    mr. jongjong, may i know what is the full name of the new owner of kerrimo? armee and ed what? baka kse related din cla kay mrs kim eh…or sila lang ang humaharap sa client para kay mrs. kim.. its too hard again na magtiwala di ba? sayang ang pera namin.. mahirap kitain ngayon yun…


    @solenn, let’s find the other victims and join hands. communicate to you soon.@ck and all who had expressed their concerns re kim’s modus operandi…thanks. by the way, fyi, rowena’s husband is a Korean as claimed by her. unfortunately, they are separated na. cguro napuno na rin ang kawawang Korean. bk na-swindle na rin eh.@ gerard, good luck pa rin. tingnan mo lang bk ikaw isunod nya…pakiramdaman mo. bago magplano yan si rowena kim, may mga heavenly words muna na sasabihin yan (w/c is common sa mga taong manloloko). Don sa mga taong may planong mag-franchise…don’t ever try rowena’s kerrimo. the business style is obsolete. di na lang cya ang may patent nito as claimed by her. mas marami na ang magagandang franchise ngayon and credible pa…this person is really a cheat. try to invest sa iba na lang…don’t try kerrimo. learn from these posts…believe you me…

  18. victim says:

    sa mga naloko ni mrs. kim, i pray for you na maparusahan na yang babaing yan…siguro di na sya marunong magsimba kya di na sya natatakot sa “karma”…

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