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L – Franchise Directory

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  1. La Arroz
  2. La Mia Tazza Coffee
  3. Lady Muffin
  4. Lapid’s “Chicharific”
  5. Laptop Phoneshop Exchange
  6. Laser Art
  7. Laundrybest
  8. Laundry Corner
  9. Laundry Express Service
  10. Laundry Gallery
  11. Lavandera Ko
  12. Le Coeur de France
  13. LeDonne Clothing
  14. Lee Garden Tea House
  15. Leonings Pancit Palabok
  16. Lianza Foods
  17. Lincolnshire Internationale Preschool
  18. Ling Nam Noodle House
  19. Lins Magiclean
  20. Little Lamb’s Pediatric Wellness Place
  21. Livingwater Refill Station
  22. Log-Its ni Big Boy
  23. Lokal Shirts
  24. Lollipop Safety Balloons Center
  25. Lolo Tinong’s Bakery
  26. Lot’s A Pizza
  27. Loyola Chapels
  28. Lugaw Republic
  29. Lumpia Corner
  30. Lush Nails Salon
  31. Lyf Center Beauty & Wellness

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