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Little Lamb’s Pediatric Wellness Place Franchise

It all started with a whine – when a little girl complained why she and her siblings were not allowed to accompany their parents whenever they go on their “spa” date. The father, being the ever entrepreneurial guru, in the person of Carl E. Balita, heard something “click” in his mind. Why not? The idea is as good as it can get if you have a pediatrician for a wife!

Armed with a medical degree, Dr. Lyne M. Balita was tasked to suffer separation anxiety from her family for a while as she studied infant massage abroad which led to the birth of the first and only infant spa-clinic-salon in the country two years ago.

“Being a big boss with the privilege of a big brother!” That’s the ultimate message to entrepreneurs wanting to enjoy a business that pampers children for health and wellness. Owned by Pediatrician-mom who is a Certified Instructor of Infant Massage by the International Association of Infant Massage.

  • Pioneering concept of a Medical Spa for children with Pediatric Clinic services and salon regimen for the little ones;
  • Affordable investment in a blooming industry that changes lifestyle
  • Evidence-based medical and spa regimen that are child-friendly but are research-based health benefits
  • Operational systems that are developed and perfected by business and industry experts through three years of successful operations
  • Continuous product development and systems improvement backed up by technological and medical researches and studies
  • Creativity and innovativeness that ensure competitive advantage
  • Reliable Franchise Development Team that guarantees hassle-free start-up and stress-free turn-over, with continuous monitoring and consultations

Franchise a brand that has proven its worth in the Philippine and global market –  an invention of a Filipino family-oriented culture –  an expression of a tradition that nurtures children not as little adults but as a gifts.


220 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Lascano St.
South Triangle, Quezon City
Telephone: 632 4134478
Fax: 632 4134478

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