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Mini Me Caricature Doll Franchise

Mini-Me is-that-u is a creative company engaged in the manufacture of personalized hand-made caricature dolls. Using high-grade clay and resin as its medium, each doll that Mini-Me is-that-u creates is guaranteed to be unique because it goes through several stages of software, hardware, and artist rendering.

Mini-Me is-that-u was established in February of 2004. It is owned and operated by Mr. Glenn Gwyn Ko and Mr. Thomas Lin Miranda. Since the company was established, the company has devoted itself to the research and development of our product. Mini-Me began with one artist and it took two years to develop the right formula for the production of these unique dolls. But soon, the ideal process was reached and Mini-Me was ready for the big time.


Phone: (02) 984-6010, 0922-5050986
Email: [email protected]


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