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Monty’s Franchise

The food cart business that offers an array of your all-time favorite grilled meat dishes, cook on-site, prepared as ready meals.. convenient, fast and fresh. That’s Monty’s! Monty’s offers different products fresh off-the-grill, such as pork BBQ’s, grilled liempo, and bbq pork chops, and a whole lot more. Other products under the Monty’s franchise include Monterey’s signature breaded porkchops, chorizo and longanisa, cooked to perfection and packed in meal servings.

Franchise fee (vat incl.):  P200,000
Equipment (vat inc) = P105,000

  • Griller (Gas) = P44,000
  • Griddle (Gas) = P28,000
  • Deep Fryer (electric) = P6,000
  • Storage Cabinet = P10,000**
  • Gas tank = P1,500**
  • Refrigerator = P9,000**
  • Rice Cooker = P1,500**
  • Initial Stocks = P5,000
  • Total: P305,000

* Includes training of personnel in product handling, product preparation, food-safety, product serving, & business building/development

** May vary


  • Quality and fresh Monterey pork and beef products
  • Consistent supply of Monterey Meats
  • Corporate support
  • Store design
  • Monty’s signage
  • Personnel training
  • Operations and marketing support

Required area: Floor area must be at least 2.5×2 meters


The Business Development Officer Monty’s Business Development Group
Monterey Foods, Corporation
17th Floor, JMT Corporate Condominum
ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City
Tel: (02) 702-5569, Fax: (02) 914-8750

updated 5/19/2010


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