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NaiCha Milk Tea Franchise

NaiCha Milk Tea started selling its ice-blended milk tea with gummy jelly pearls for the first time in December 2010 from its main store located across Royal Duty Free Mall.

Surprisingly, it became a favorite not only by Subic residents alone, but also with tourists visiting the mall during weekends and holidays. Regular visitors to Subic would always drop by the main store to have a taste of the ice-cold beverage on their journey home.

On October 2011, NaiCha was brought to Manila with the opening of its first store on N. Domingo St., Quezon City. Since then six (6) more stores were opened along with 7 kiosks/carts scattered between Subic and Manila.

Franchise Details

Package selling price: ₱270,000

  • Contract period: 3 years
  • Monthly royalty fee: ₱5,000
  • Performance bond: ₱100,000

Total Investment

  • Regular franchise package Php 370,000.00
  • 270,000 (package cost with raw materials, brand new equipments, machines)
  • 100,000 (performance bond, refundable after the expiration of the term)

Rent-to-own Package

Package Price:Php 72,000.00 (Php4000*18months)
Royalty  Fee:Php 5,000/month                                                                 Raw Materials promo Price (50% off):

  • Use of logo and trade name
  • Operations manual
  • Contract
  • Training
  • Opening assistance and support
  • Site ocular support
  • Flyers
  • Design assistance of outlet
  • Machines & Equipment
  • Raw Materials

Total Investment

Kiosk / Store – Php 183,457 / Php 191,347

  • 72,000 (package cost with equipments and machines)
  • 100,000 (performance bond, refundable)
  • 11,457 / 19,347 (50% off raw materials)


Subic Head Office: M6 Aguinaldo St., Central Business District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Phones: 047-252-8752 (Telefax) / 250-0870

Manila Office: Room 608 Culmat Building, 1270-1330 E. Rodriquez Sr. Ave., Quezon City
Phones: +63 2 5845217 / +63 2 7096238

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