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O – Franchise Directory

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  1. O’ Noodle
  2. Odd Balls
  3. Odie Fresh Fruit Juice
  4. Odie Halo-Halo
  5. Odie Healthy Fruit Shakes
  6. Odie Sa Malamig Tayo
  7. Odyssey Music Store
  8. Office Warehouse
  9. Ogie Doggie Hotdog
  10. Oh! My Sisig
  11. Ohair Salon
  12. Oi! Hong Kong Style Noodle
  13. OilGiant Gas Fill
  14. Oliser Asia Ink
  15. Oliver’s Super Sandwiches
  16. OptimusCISS
  17. Orange Blush Salon
  18. Orange Drew Juice Drink
  19. Orange Julius Fruit Shake
  20. Orbitz Pearl Shakes
  21. Origin Coffee
  22. Oro China Jewelry Shop
  23. Oscar Squidballs
  24. OutBox Rice Toppings
  25. Oxyplus Water Refilling Station

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