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One Integrated System to Manage Your Online Business

More consumers than ever before are jumping online-and buying online. That’s because more consumers are comfortable buying goods via web sites. In fact, recent studies indicate that even consumers with three or fewer years of online experience feel at ease making internet purchases. That’s why ecommerce companies must find new, innovative ways to attract and keep more online shoppers. On the back end, companies must also track customer data and purchase histories, shipping rates, and different pricing level all in real time.

Using Ashop Commerce, companies can offer their online shoppers top-notch ecommerce capabilities, including a secure shopping cart, support for a variety of payment methods, and coupons and promotional discounts. Companies can also closely track customer records, which not only enables service and sales reps to serve the customer better, but it also lets the company create targeted marketing campaigns for each unique shopper. And by creating a stronger online sales channel, companies can strengthen their other channels, making a multi-channel strategy more effective. Most importantly, you’ll synchronize your ecommerce web operations with the rest of your business. With streamlined operations, you can eliminate separate islands of sales and inventory data, and reduce the time you spend managing your ecommerce business.

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