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One of the Best Online Paid Reviews

If you’re a blogger for quite sometime now, I guess you already know different ways to monetize your blog. There are contextual advertising, affiliates marketing and paid reviews. Among the three, contextual ads is the easiest to implement and the fastest way to get paid for blogging. However, this type of advertising is only successful if you’re blog enjoys a good amount of traffic especially coming from search engines. But what it your blog, even with its quality contents and higher page rank, is only visitor by a few thousand visitors a day? The answer is, make paid reviews.

One of the best paid reviews online is Smorty. More and more bloggers now are doing reviews from Smorty’s huge list of advertisers. Using Smorty benefits both advertisers and bloggers. Bloggers who are expert in their chosen niche writes reviews and opinions from these advertisers, which in turn, advertisers paid a decent amount. That’s quality reviews from bloggers for quality advertisers.

Smorty’s site is simple yet intuitive and navigation is easy. Application and approval is a breeze, with minimum requirements though. But one of the most important thing that Smorty stands out from the rest is the fast payment it only takes 5 days with no minimum payout.

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