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Questions to Ask to Franchisees Before Getting the Franchise

Before you walk into a franchise outlet, have you contacted the franchise owner, introduced yourself and what your plans are, and booked an appointment? Try to set up a time that doesn’t conflict with the franchisees busy periods, either early in the morning or later at night. Keep your visit short. Prepare a number of printed questionnaires with space to record your answers.

  1. Why did you select this particular franchise system over others in the same type of business?
  2. What line of work were you in prior to purchasing a franchise?
  3. Were you content with the initial training and support you paid for and were promised?
  4. Did the training only cover the operating system or did the training prepare you to compete with other businesses providing similar products or services?
  5. Did you encounter any problems with the franchisor, the site, or establishing your business and how did the franchisor respond to problems?
  6. How would you describe your overall franchisor/franchisee relationship?
  7. What are your thoughts on this industry, the products and/or services available, and what trends do you see happening for the future?
  8. Do you have any issues or concerns with the franchise agreement? Were there any clauses that stuck out over others that may impact your relationship with the franchisor?
  9. How has the franchisor responded to your calls for support about business operations or any other general questions you may have had?
  10. Are you pleased with the quality of ongoing support, mentorship, and advertising campaigns provided by the franchisor?
  11. Has the franchisor responded to any of your own ideas about improving the franchise system?
  12. Are there any other franchisees or former franchisees you recommend I contact?

If the individual is a former franchisee:

  1. Why did you leave the franchise system?
  2. Did the franchisor cooperate in helping you sell your franchise?
  3. If there was a termination or non-renewal, did the franchisor explain why and provide a reasonable opportunity for you to cure the problem?
  4. Would you consider buying a franchise from a different franchisor?


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