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R – Franchise Directory

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  1. R&B Music Venue
  2. R. Lapid’s Chicharon
  3. Rabbit Advertising
  4. Rai Rai Ken Japanese Restaurant
  5. Raja Kabab
  6. RAMM Copy Center
  7. RAMM Internet and Print Shoppe
  8. Rancho Burger
  9. Rapide Auto Service Center
  10. RBX Rice in a Box
  11. RCC Amazing Touch
  12. Red Bowl
  13. Red Dragon Dimsum
  14. Red House Dimsum
  15. Red Moon Chinese Restaurant
  16. Red Ninja Dimsum
  17. Red Ribbon Bakeshop
  18. Reyes Barbecue
  19. Reyes Haircutters Hair Salon
  20. Ricecapades
  21. RML Manokan Haus
  22. Rodney Fresh Salon & Spa
  23. Rolee Bakeshop
  24. Rolling Balls Fishball
  25. Roto Rooter Cleaning
  26. Royal Artista Salon
  27. Royal Caribbean Jamaican
  28. Ruiz Derma and Spa
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