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Royal Caribbean Franchise

Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties carries the fast-selling freshly baked Jamaican Patties and the complementary special blend of great tasting drinks. Enjoyed and frequented by food enthusiasts, students, teenagers, working people, and parents, Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties has become a favorite of all who have tried it.

Customers from all ages keep coming back – they simply love the taste of Jamaica! Its Caribbean Drinks beverage line serve irresistibly good “brain-freeze” ice cold drinks. These drinks have been a great come-on for customers who snack on Jamaican Patties because it truly satisfies their quench. Truly, a perfect combination! What’s more is that all these are reasonably priced – value for money!

Since the time it opened six years ago, Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties has fast become a favorite of all who have tried it. It has grown to over fifty outlets within and outside Metro Manila.

Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties are meaty filling Jamaican snacks that are made from high quality ingredients. Its crust is unique and has a different flakiness that literally melts in one’s mouth. As they are always freshly baked to perfection, Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties serves you the finest Jamaican Patties.

Franchise details: Call

24 Berbenia Street, Tahanan Village, Paranaque City
Tel. (02) 842-5680, Telefax (02) 772-1941
Email: [email protected]

updated: 09/21/08

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