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The “Binalot” Business Unwrapped

ENTREPRENEUR Rommel Juan admits that it was only in 2003-seven years after Binalot Fiesta Foods made its first delivery to the Makati working crowd-that he finally got his act together.

“One of the most important turning points in the Binalot business was when I finished my Masters in Entrepreneurship at the Asian Institute of Management in 2003,” Rommel tells the Inquirer. “It made clearer to me what Binalot is really all about.”

Culled from the Filipino term that means “wrapped,” Binalot serves classic Filipino fare that comes with rice wrapped in banana leaves-just the way they would do it in the provinces.

Rommel relates that it was during his ME studies that he realized how to play up his strengths and learned what else he needed to keep the business running smoothly.

It was also at this point that things took a faster turn for Binalot.

“We only had six branches from 1996 to 2002. But from 2003 to 2004, we managed to double the number of our stores, set up a stand-alone store and launch our franchising,” he says.


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