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Top 10 Reasons Why A Franchise is Better Investment

By Manuel V. Siggaoat Jr.

If the American dream is owning a house with white picket fences, you’d think that the Filipino dream is moving to the United States to be able to dream the American dream, what with the number of Filipinos leaving the country every year to take up residence in that part of the world.

Those that do decide to stay in the Philippines (or are unable to leave for one reason or another: denied a visa, waiting for a green card petition to come through, can’t live without traffic at EDSA, etc.) believe that the only way they can live their ideal life without migrating to the USA is by operating their own business. Maybe because mass media has made celebrities out of many successful entrepreneurs, or because we all know of a successful friend or relative or friend of a friend who has made it big running his own business, even those who are successful in their own professions still dream of putting up their own business.

The arrival of franchising has further made this dream of entrepreneurship much more attainable. Previously, the only way to go into business for yourself was through the hard, old-fashioned way: develop a product or service, find customers, market your business, and implement systems from scratch. With franchising, you can now “buy” a ready-made business.