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World Link Couriers Franchise

World Link Couriers offers a wide range of domestic (Philippines) and international courier services. The company is a one-stop shop courier service with flexible billing options and a broad selection of major express distribution operators.

World Link Courier’s all inclusive rates, which are one of the lowest in the market, cover FREE pick-up, documentation, classification, packaging, crating, carriage, and delivery.

For international shipments, it offers the added service of helpin customers obtain the necessary customs clearance.

To provide the customers with more selections and wider reach, World Link Couriers has done away with “courier exclusivity”. As many as twelve (12) express distribution operators may be chosen from, depending on customer preferences, carriers brands, cost- efficiency, transit-time, serviceability, etc.

Contact details:

306 Rossevelt Ave. SFDM
Tel: 372-2427
Fax: 372-2427

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