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Aloha Mental Arithmetic Franchise

Ever wondered how geniuses are made? Then look no further because ALOHA Learning Center is the place where higher leaning is achieved even by children! Franchise this one of a kind learning center and help kids learn about how to progress the future all while having fun.

ALOHA stands for Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic. It was founded in 1993 by Mr. Loh Mun Sung, who adapted and developed the concept based on the Abacus Computational methods from China and Taiwan. It was designed into a comprehensive curriculum for the purpose of introducing it to the children of Malaysia, where it quickly grew in popularity and soon expanded to the other countries. A result-oriented program designed for children that contributes to their brain development in a fun way. ALOHA enhances the intelligence of children thanks to an educational program based on three key tools!

​Stimulate those brain cells and engage the fun to a maximum, because ALOHA is here and ready to make the children of the future into bright, young scholars! Franchise now!

Franchise Fee: Php 500,000

Total Investment: Php 765,000 – 1,000,000


U-Franchise Sales & Management
Tel: (02) 634.0586/3717
CP#: 0920.983.0247; 0917.881.6999
Email: [email protected]

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