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Aristocrat Restaurant Franchise

Aristocrat Restaurant is in the preliminary stages of an expansion program. The company’s goal is to strengthen the franchising system and to increase the number of franchise outlets within Greater Manila Area only.

1. What type of Franchise is available?

The Aristocrat Franchise Corporation offers INDIVIDUAL AND MULTI-STORE Franchise units for the development and operations of The Aristocrat Restaurant.

2. How much is the total investment?

Franchise Fee is P2,000,000.00 (exclusive of VAT) which includes an intensive and comprehensive training program, a copy of the Operations Manual and complete business opening assistance. This fee also entitles the Franchisee to the continued use of the Aristocrat Restaurant name and trademarks, access to operating systems, marketing assistance, ongoing business development, consulting and other benefits that come with being a part of The Aristocrat Restaurant organization.

Total investment ranges from P10,000,000.00 to P20,000,000.00 depending on:

a. Type of store – mall, strip mall, free standing
b. Size of store

3. What other fees are paid by the franchisee for continuing support services?

The continuing services or “royalty” fee is 5% of gross sales derived from operating the business. For advertising, a franchisee must allocate 1% of gross sales per month on local advertising and contribute 2% of gross sales to corporate advertising and development fund, which will be used for brand-building and media-based advertising.

4. What is the payback period?

On the average (will, of course, depend on sales and control of expenses), payback is between 2.8 to 3.6 years on ideal, high traffic locations.

5. What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The term of the franchise agreement is five (5) years, renewable twice for a total of fifteen (15) years.

6. What are the steps involved before I am able to obtain a franchise?

The franchise process involves the following steps:

Step 1: Send the following documents to the The Aristocrat Franchise Corporation:

  • a. Letter of Intent
  • b. Completed Franchise Evaluation Form
  • c. Location or vicinity map of proposed site

The Aristocrat Franchise Corporation
432 San Andres St. cor. Roxas Blvd.,
Malate, Manila
Tel. No.: 524-7671 to 80 local 247
Fax No.: 523-0136
Email: [email protected]

Step 2: Review application and qualifications of the potential franchisee

Step 3: Meet with qualified franchisee

Step 4: Evaluate site

Step 5: Detailed review of applicant

Step 6: Follow-up meetings

Step 7: Franchise Awarding

7. What are the guidelines for site selection?

The potential franchisee is responsible for looking for his own site, under the following guidelines:

  • a. Space must be at least 250 square meters for mall stores, 250 – 300 square meters for strip malls and 300 – 500 square meters for free standing stores with provision for parking space
  • b. Site must cater to the Aristocrat market
  • c. Site must be located in high traffic, commercial and residential areas

8. Will the Franchisee have an exclusive territory?

The Franchisee will not receive an exclusive territory. However, The Aristocrat Franchise Corporation will ensure that each site will service the optimal population to make the business viable.

9. Who does the hiring?

The Franchisee shall be responsible for hiring his own team with guidance and assistance from The Aristocrat Franchise Corporation on: personnel qualifications, interviewing techniques, testing and other steps to complete the hiring process.

10. How much training is provided in THE ARISTOCRAT RESTAURANT system of operations?

After signing the franchise agreement, the Franchisee and his staff will attend a two-week comprehensive and intensive CLASSROOM training. A one-month (minimum) On-the-Job training (OJT) follows.

The course provides training in all aspects of the business including personnel management, inventory control, customer service, marketing, basic operating procedures and food preparation.

11. Who will do architectural planning and construction?

The Aristocrat Franchise Corporation shall assist the Franchisee in the architectural planning and construction process through its accredited architects and contractors. Should the Franchisee wish to avail of the services of his own architect and contractor, they must first go through the accreditation process before they are authorized to build an ARISTOCRAT RESTAURANT.

12. What form of continuing guidance will a Franchisee receive?

The Franchisee will receive periodic visits from the franchisor representative who will provide operations guidance and quality control and address any concerns the Franchisee may have. The Franchisor shall provide refresher-training programs when needed.

*Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

updated: 09/23/08

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