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Avant Water Refilling Station Franchise

Update – Aug. 5, 2013

They no longer accept franchisees.

With the constantly increasing demand for clean drinking water in the Philippines, AVANT WATER REFILLING STATION is committed to the efficient production and distribution of safe and healthy drinking water to every household and establishment.

The AVANT Water Refilling Station business system, which is offered for franchising, enables entrepreneurs who intend to engage into this profitable venture to jumpstart the business.

We offer the business system with NO FRANCHISE FEE, NO ROYALTY FEE, NO MARKETING FEE and NO MONTHLY FEE. The franchise package includes:

AVANT Business Bundle

  • Use of AVANT trade name, trademark, business logo and other commercial symbols
  • Business Name registration with the Department of Trade and Industry
  • Business Management Software for sales and expenses monitoring, container inventory, and clients database
  • Personnel Uniform and IDs
  • Dealers Banner, Illuminated Store Signage
  • Flyers and “Soon to Open” Banner

AVANT Water Refilling Station Set-up

  • 2-in-1 System: Purified & Mineral or Purified & Alkaline, OR 3-in-1 System: Purified, Mineral & Alkaline
  • Stainless Steel Storage Tanks (1000 li) for Feed Water and Product Water
  • Multi-stage Pumps for Feed Water and Product Water
  • Stainless Filling Faucets and PVC pipes and fittings

Start-up Supplies

  • Water Containers, Hot air Gun, Shrinkable seals, Label Stickers, Container Sanitizer

Technical Report and Assistance

  • Proposed site lay-out and Engineer’s Report
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Report
  • Technical Plans and Drawings
  • Initial Bacteriological, Physical and Chemical Laboratory Analysis
  • Personnel Training and Orientation on the operation, maintenance, management and
  • marketing aspects of the business

For more information, please contact us at:

Unit C1 Sunvar Condominium, Luna St., Pasay City
Phone Nos.: (02)387.0150/399.8250/394.3120

474 Molino Road, Molino I, Bacoor, Cavite
Phone Nos.: (046) 850.5074/871.3950

Email: [email protected]/[email protected]

updated: 3/23/11


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