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Bluewaters Water Station Package

Bluewaters supermarket Offers Innovative Services, Products and Profits in a Water Refilling Station Business Today

Most water refilling station businesses bank on their names; others brag about their cheap rates while some edges in unquantifiable experience. In an age where “aqua” is the name dominating almost every water station, it’s hard to see past the branding and the marketing. If you stay focused on the other side you’ll lose sight of the gem shining from another angle. Offering a unique technology that has been innovated globally and further improved locally to quench the thirst of the Pinoys for an effective, high quality and affordable investment and natural clean and healthy water, BLUEWATERS SUPERMARKET is out to prove that there’s more to a water refilling station than a popular name.

Safe Solo Alkaline -Php 80,000.00
Package Inclusions:

  • Complete Alkaline Water System
  • Stainless bodies built to last
  • Optional water tank
  • Can be installed in an 8sq.meters space
  • No franchise fee
  • Return on investments 4 to 6 Mos. Following certain parameters
  • Clinically Clean, Orderly and Neat
  • Wall Hang Equipment- No clutters
  • Easy Maintenance with the DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) Manual
  • Available on TERMS 4,600 Monthly and 40K Down


  • Computerized station plan and design
  • Free design of Logo, Tarpaulin etc.
  • Training – Marketing, Sales, Technical And Operations
  • Php 10k Air Purifier and Sterilizer with Aroma Oil Therapy (In Lieu Of Aircon)
  • For more Exciting Freebies please call us!


  • 2-in-1 Mineral and Alkaline Water Station – Php 98000.00
  • 3-in-1 R.O, Mineral and Alkaline Water Station – Php 148000.00

Contact Details:

  • Globe: 0906-230-9471
  • Smart: 0999-650-3354
  • Sun: 0923-177-8659
  • PLDT: 923-4064
  • Bayantel: 496-8105/227-3538
  • Fax: 415-5559

Email: [email protected]


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