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BubbaTealicious Pearl Milk Tea Place Franchise

BubbaTealicious Pearl Milk Tea Place (BPMTP) is an infusion of Fun, Gastronomic Satisfaction and Healthy Lifestyle in one cozy spot. “TEA” is the product highlight of BubbaTealicious. Quality tea leaves will be used instead of powdered ones for this concept. Traditional Chinese tea brewing will be used to produce the perfect and finest tasting brewed tea with little or no bitterness at all and the right aroma. The idea is to reintroduce tea-drinking practices to the current generation and educate them on the wonderful and healthy benefits of such discipline.

The brewed tea will be creatively combined with other ingredients such as fruit syrups, milk , fresh fruit bits, chewy tapioca and coconut jelly (nata) to come up with a variety of delicious and exciting beverages called Bubble Tea and Pearl Milk Tea or Naicha. These bubbly concoctions will then be presented with ice or as a slush drinks.

BBT Cart Package – P350,000
Inclusive of:

  • Standard BBT Cart
  • Equipments and utensils
  • Office supplies and cleaning materials
  • Initial inventory and consumables
  • Personnel training service
  • Site evaluation assistance
  • Central purchasing
  • Opening assistance
  • No royalty fee
  • Franchise term: 3 years


TeleFax: (02) 376-6052
Mobile: 0920-5390448, 0922-9972777
Email: [email protected]

updated: 8/14/2011


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