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C.Cellzone Store Franchise

C.CELL ZONE was founded by a mobile phone soles man who resigned from his work in 1995. Having himself as one and only employee of a store with one showcase that fitted in an area of one square meter that he rented inside his mothers local shop. He slowly but surely crawled his way to the top.

Today. C. CELL ZONE are servicing more customers over its 70 shops, 11 more will be available at the end of 2011. A total of 81 company owned and operated shops to service the Filipinos on the beginning of 2012, Making C.CELL ZONE one of the largest mobile phone retail chain in the Philippines.

THE EXPERT In the course of over a decade from scratch we slowly have manage to open 70 retail shops, employs hundreds of dedicated employees, disposed hundreds of thousands of mobile phones and millions of mobile phone accessories and prepaid cards and offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our knowledge. We learned and honed our business system the hard way: through experience, time and time again – So you don’t have to.

Direct investment:

  • Merchandise Inventory: 365,000.00
  • Store Construction & Fixtures: 165,000.00
  • Franchise Fee: 150,000.00
  • Telephone 2,000.00

Variable and necessary investment:

  • Advance rent 3 months: 60,000.00
  • Security Deposit 3 months 53,500.00
  • Taxes & Licenses: 9,500.00
  • Grand Opening: 20,500.00
  • Insurance: 3,000.00
  • Working Capital: 135,000.00
  • Training: 27,500.00

No cash bond required

Total Investment: P1,011,00.00

Royalty Fee: 1%
Advertising Fee local: 0.5%
Systemwide Advertising: 1%


  • Use of C.Cellzone trademark, name and logo
  • Pre-opening, start-up, and grand opening assistance
  • Site selection and evaluation assistance
  • Comprehensive Franchise Operations Manual
  • Training on the management and operations of the business
  • Aggressive system-wide marketing and promotion assistance
  • Continuing business support


C.CELL ZONE : 4485061 / 4123977 / 3711121

updated: 11/14/12


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