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Chic n’ Honey Franchise

Experience a chic and cozy ambience that provides a healthy, tasty, and Instagram worthy food experience with Chic n’ Honey! Taste the difference of honey prepared by connoisseurs in the art of chicken now.

​Chic n’ Honey is a new restaurant concept that offers products that are designed for Filipino consumers who are looking for affordable and delightful meals. Chic n’ Honey offers a complete dining experience with a chic and classy store design, excellent customer service and comfort foods that are suitable to every Filipinos’ palate. Chic n’ Honey’s main dish is served with a flavorful sauce using “Honey” as a base ingredient. It also promotes the benefits of using honey over traditional table sugar as sweetener. Together with a youthful vibe of the Chic n’ Honey family that manifests all over the restaurant, it makes every customer feel that they are at home and they are part of a big family.

Pursue your business goal through franchising! Get your own Chic n’ Honey restaurant and benefit from its profitable margin up to 70%.

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Franchise Details:

Franchise Fee: Php 320,000

Total Investment: Php 4M – 6M

Space Requirement: > 50 sqm.


U-Franchise Sales & Management
Tel: (02) 8634.0586/3717
CP#: 0920.983.0247; 0917.881.6999
Email: [email protected]

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