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Chicken Ati-Atihan Restaurant Franchise

Chicken Ati-Atihan ranks among the fastest franchise chain in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. Conceptualized in 2003, Aries Christopher Alvarez, a veteran medical sales representative from Abbott Pharmaceuticals resigned from the resto business he was managing in Roxas. Mr. Alvarez and his aunt couldn’t agree on certain management issues that compelled him to develop a carenderia in Capiz, not knowing he had accidentally found his fate that would open doors to business opportunities.

With Mr. Alvarez’ strong sales portfolio and marketing background turned Chicken Ati-Atihan a spotlight in the franchise industry. As a growing corporation, the company has branched to more than 30 outlets nationwide in a span of five years. Being a franchiser and CEO of Chicken Ati-Atihan, Mr. Alvarez travels extensively to visit the franchise outlets, making sure every chicken house is well managed. Today with more than 50 franchise outlets nationwide it has proven that even in small Cities and municipalities Chicken Ati-Atihan can excel because of its great authentic taste of the chicken and the food short orders behind it.

Franchise Package: Php1.5 M
Inclusive of:

  • Franchise Fee and Technology
  • The trade name Chicken Ati-Atihan
  • Manpower pooling of the restaurant staff from Restaurant Managers (optional)
  • Store Supervisors, cooks, grillers, cashiers down to the dining crew. (max of 22 staff)
  • Training and development of the complete staff.
  • Technology transfer on all recipes found in the menu except for the chicken sauce and mixture marination.
  • Concept and design of the restaurant. Renovation only with a maximum of 120 sq. meters (renovation cost may vary depends on contractor’s fee)
  • Marketing and product support.
  • Menu, product pictures
  • Tarpaulins for the main products
  • Flyers, Jingle
  • Motorcade assembly during the opening day
  • Pepsi Cola Products (Will provide electric coolers and soft-drink dispensers)
  • Sales and Inventory System.
  • 1 CPU with LCD Monitor  (with Program installed)
  • Restaurant equipments and kitchen utensils like flex, plates, glasses, spoon & fork, stoves, ice shavers, rice cookers, chest type freezer, LPG’S, etc.
  • Start up supplies sauce and mixtures for the chicken, meat, veggies, rice, groceries, beverages, etc.
  • Restaurant tables and benches
  • Uniforms with visors & aprons


  • All food in the menu has a marked up of: 35-40%
  • Chicken at 50-60% marked up
  • R.O.I = 12 -18 Months


Chicken Ati-Atihan Ventures Inc.
2nd floor Big Jakes BBQ
South National Highway, Calindagan,
Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
Mobile: (0919) 509-7770; (0922) 491-7007
Fax: (035) 226-2083
Email: [email protected]


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