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Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) Franchise

Everything in our society has turned digital. There are already 1.13 billion internet users across the globe. More and more people are investing in ICT learning as they understand Charles Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest theory.

Make everyone a player! With CAL, you can help in forwarding learning and advancing lives while earning at the same time.

The CAL Franchise System

  • Allows franchisee to establish CAL centers or distributorships in a given territory.
  • Franchisor grants the franchisee the right to use the name, trademark and system to operate a CAL center or distributorship.
  • CAL centers will be operated by the franchisee in a 100 sqm. minimum space using the proven methodology of CAL.

Types of CAL Franchise

1. Master Country Franchise
This is awarded per country or region. Master franchises can appoint sub-franchises and distributors of CAL books, curriculum, or operate their own CAL centers or distributors anywhere in the country or region.

2. City or Location Franchise
This is awarded on a per city or locality basis. Centers and distributorship of EdICT and Online Learning can be established within a territorial jurisdiction.

Benefits and Support

What benefits will you get as a CAL franchisee?
> You will get business presence capitalizing in the high growth of ICT and Education sectors.
> You will be assured of opportunity to gain higher than average business returns.
> The CAL franchise system has a proven system of success.
> Cost efficiency is achieved on Research and Development as CAL handles products and program development.
> CAL franchiser share learning and leveraging on success models.

Contact us:

Computer Assisted Learning Operations Office
2/F Security Land Building
6797 Ayala Ave., cor. V.A. Rufino Street
Telephone: +632.867.2893, +632 893.4818 loc. 107
Fax: +632. 810.6096
Email: [email protected]

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