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Dermaline Facial & Skin Care Franchise

Dermaline Inc. was established in 1996 by Dina dela Paz – Stalder primarily to address the need for professional salon among quality-conscious clientele. That year, the first Dermaline Facial Care Center opened at the 10th floor of the National Life Insurance Building, Ayala Avenue, Makati City. Now celebrating its 10th year of unparalleled commitment to skin care excellence, the company has established several branches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dermaline?
Dermaline is a chain of facial and skin care salons, established in 1996. Dermaline now has several branches located in Metro Manila.

When did Dermaline start franchising?
Dermaline has just now opened its door to Franchising. We have been growing steadily for the past 9 years and we have now included franchising as part of our expansion plans.

What are the Dermaline products and services?
Show list services offered and Dermaline products. Give brief description of services if asked.

How are Dermaline services priced as compared to competitors?
Dermaline services are reasonably prices.

What makes Dermaline different and better than competitors?
Dermaline services performed in seperate male and female hygienic rooms. We make sure that all equipment used is properly sterilized prior to each use. Our services are complete and thorough. We feel we offer the best facial and skin care services in the industry.

How much is the franchise fee?
P350,000.00 franchise fee only; this does not include capital investment (such as renovation/construction cost, equipment and supplies, organizational cost).

How long is the franchise fee?
Five (5) years renewable; subject to execution of a new franchise agreement, another frachise fee and other financial/operation requirements such as outlet renovation, repairs or new/upgraded equipment.

What is the area requirement for a Dermaline Salon?
Floor area of 60-100 square meters, with visible salon facade and entrance area.

What is the target sites for a DERRMALINE Salon?
Initialy we are looking at sites with Metro Manila. Preferred sites are Malls, Commercial Centers and Shopping Areas.

What is the target Frachise services offered by Dermaline?

  • Site evaluation – Dermaline will evaluate proposed site supplied by Frachise Applicant. Dermaline does not offer or look for sites for Frachise Salons.
  • Construction monitoring – Dermaline will monitor construction/renovation work for Franchise Salon. Franchisee will be free use own contractor but renovation plans/design and actual work will be monitored and checked by Dermaline personnel to ensure conformity to Dermaline Standards.
  • Training – Franchisee and initial Franchise Salon staff will undergo training at the Dermaline Training Center and/or Training Salon. Franchise Salon Therapist candidates will have to undergo the complete the Dermaline Therapist Training Program, which will be for a minimum of three (3) months. Upon completion, she must pass a final evaluation by the Dermaline Inc. General Manager or a Senior Dermaline Manager to be a Certified Dermaline Specialist.
  • Full inventory – Dermaline Inc. will supply to all Franchise Salons, the initial and subsequent orders of equipment, medicines and supplies to esure conformity to Dermaline systems and procedures and quality stardards.
  • Opening assistance – Dermaline will assign a Therapist to assist in the set-up and initial two weeks of operations of the Franchise salon.
  • Franchise Salon Service Quality – From time to time, Dermaline will evaluate / check overall performance of Franchise Salon and Salon Personnel particularly the Therapist to ensure maintenance of servie quality.
  • Advertising and Promotions – Dermaline Inc. will plan and implement advertising and promotion activities for the benefit of all Dermaline outlets.


Unit 302 3rd Flr. EDSA Central Pavillion Mall
Mandaluyong City
Tel: 637-6970
Fax: 631-3064
Email: [email protected]