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Distinctive Blinds & Office Systems, Inc. Franchise

Despite rapid progress and development, our world has become a more uncertain place. This has resulted to many people experiencing a new appreciation for the constants in life, like home and family. As greater value is placed on home life, there is also more emphasis on creating an environment that is both personal and comfortable.

Self-expression has never been more important in interior than it’s been today. We want our homes to reflect our own taste, not those shown on Lifestyle Channel. Gone are the days of decorating with a two-color palette. Just as colors can be combined creatively, so can patterns and textures. This leads to particularly interesting results with window treatments. A wide range of materials (aluminum, wood, PVC and fabric), patterns (contemporary and whimsical), and textures (raised, napped, slubbed, smooth, grainy) are all options for window treatments; and combining a variety of these elements can really make a statement or create the perfect mood for one’s home.

Before Distinctive Blinds & Office Systems Inc., there was Decorative Blinds Manufacturing, which launched its operation in December 1989 in New York, USA. We started out as a fabricator of Turnils mini-blinds and vertical blinds until 1992 when the whole set-up was brought back to the Philippines under the umbrella corporation of Larry’s Curtain and Upholstery Supply, Inc.

In 1998, Distinctive Blinds & Office Systems Inc. was created and by constantly offering unparalleled customer service and value, has grown to be a leader in the production of quality blinds, awnings, canopies, office partitions and other related products.

We have recently offered franchising of our window treatments services under the name Distinctive Blinds. We have the largest choice of blinds for all types of windows. We excel at providing high quality vertical, roller venetian and roman blinds, among others, that are made to measure so they fit and hang perfectly. Our window coverings have always been among those sought-after by clients both residential and industrial (offices, schools and commercial premises). Backed up by porfolio of more than 15 years of service to thousands of customers. Distinctive Blinds can only be optimistic about the prospects for good business that our franchise system can offer to potential Franchisees from virtually all walks of life.

Franchise Information

Franchise Type Mobile Franchise Area Franchise
Description / Set-up A Mobile Franchise goes out to the consumer’s home within its territory, displays the product options, measures then comes back and installs the products himself. He is not required to set-up an office, but needs to invest on a service vehicle. He does not need to hire employees (the Franchisor will provide technical staff who will do measurements and installations). An Area Franchise secures his own location which is subject to approval of Franchisor. He maintains an office (with 1 office staff and 1 technical staff) and a showroom (30 sqm.) that’s open 6 days a week. Conveniently located within a specific territory, its showroom spotlights window-sized samples of the complete Turnils Sweden line. Showroom hours is from 8:00am to 5:00pm.
Franchise Fee P 100,000 P 200,000
Franchise Fee Inclusions You’ll receive initial operations training, a copy of our detailed Operations Manual, advice and recommendations on site selection, on-site start-up assistance, on-going support, access to an exclusive line of proprietary products and permission to use Distinctive Blinds trademark. – Same –
Tools of the Trade (also included in the Franchise fee) Portable samples and swatches (2 sets) Blinds samples (worth P50,000) for the showroom
Franchise Agreement 5 years renewable 5 years renewable
Gets Own Territory? Yes Yes
Does Franchisor provide sales leads? Yes Yes
Bond P 300,000 P 300,000
Surety Bond P 1M P 1M
Training Period Each Distinctive Blinds franchisee undergoes an extensive, one-month training program designed to ensure that he or she is extremely knowledgeable about the latest products and trends in window treatments, and is capable of answering virtually any question a customer may have. – same –
Pricing / Price List Franchisor Franchisee
Who do the measurements? Franchisor representative (Franchise will just supervise) Franchisee
Who quotes the price? Franchisor Franchisee
Who do the installations? Franchisor representative (Franchise will just supervise) Franchisee
Who do billing collections? Franchisor Franchisee
Share in the collection 40% 40%
Market development fee 3% 2%

Contact Details:

RK Franchise Consultancy
Ground Floor Minnesota Mansion,
267 Ermin Garcia, Cubao
1109 Quezon City, Philippines
Manila (02) 912-2946, 912-2973,
Nationwide Tollfree: 1800-10-88888RK
Email: [email protected]