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Dr. White & Glow Facial N Gluta Spa Fanchise

In 2018, the newest and only high-end Gluta Spa in the South named, “Dr. White & Glow Facial N Gluta Spa” has opened. The first and only upscale gluta spa and wellness hub in the South to offer complete and a wide array of whitening, skin rejuvenations and other beauty remedies.

We provide our clients the latest whitening treatments using the most advanced skin care equipment. Our variety of services includes Drip Treatments, IV Treatments, Slimming Treatments, and Facial Treatments.

Franchise Details

Franchise Fee: P700,000
Inclusive of:

  • Use of Trade Name and Proprietary Marks
  • Location Approval
  • Training
  • Procurement Program
  • Opening Assistance
  • Operations Manual on Loan
  • Research and Development

Total Capital Requirement: P1.9 Million
Initial Term: 5 years
Continuation/Royalty Fee: 5%
Required Space: 60 sqm minimum


Dr. White & Glow
2/F Cueto Building, Pallocan West, Batangas City
CP#: 0915.7586315; 0920.8698519
Email: [email protected]

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