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E-StarCars Mobile Carwash Partnership

In our constant expansion, we are searching for new partners. Beyond our innovative carwashing product, we offer to our partners a complete mobile carwashing concept.  Be a E-StarCars concessionaire is very easy. Business very simple to implement. Very easy and clean carwashing work. Very simple to add to your existing activity with our innovative mobile waterless carwash solution.

  • No equipments and installation fees
  • No need to supply water or power
  • High profit with our high productivity
  • Very professional carwash quality to service your customers

Our concept is built on partnership not a franchise.

  • No franchise fee
  • No royalty fee
  • No hidden cost
  • Minimum investment
  • No installation expenses

Examples of potential sites:

  • all parkings (malls, fastfood/restaurants, coffee shops, condominiums), gasoline stations, intense car traffic roads or streets, etc,


Tel: (02) 809-4742
Mobile: 0918-6718435, 0918-6718363
Email: [email protected], [email protected]


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