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Everything Online Internet Cafe Franchise

Why Franchise an Everything Online Internet Cafe Plus?

1. Everything Online offers a complete Internet Cafe Plus solution in a box.

Our marketing team together with PLDT continues to create partnerships and develop products for you to increase your revenue potential. Services like load/e-pin retailing platforms & international calling facilities are just some of the Plus included in the basic set-up. Upcoming products & services include e-ticketing that enables you to re-sell airline tickets and profit from it.

2. Easy Start-up: Low Entry Investment with Quick Returns

Everything Online makes it easy for you to start your own franchise. There is no franchise fee upfront. Approved franchisee will just invest on the computer hardware, software and fixtures (tables & chairs) for the chosen package that starts at P35,000. Everything online wants you to maximize the returns on your investment so that you can set-up more franchises of our Internet Cafe Plus. Everything Online does not charge any royalty fee (percent of sales) from our franchisees as traditional franchisors do. The low franchise fee of 700 Pesos to a high of 2,000 Pesos monthly for multiple workstations covers for Everything Online’s operating expense for business building, technical, research/development and customer services. Return on investment potential can be as quick as 6 months to 1 year.

3. Add-on to Existing Businesses

Everything Online can provide incremental revenue to your existing business. You can co-locate your Everything Online Internet Cafe Plus franchise to maximize the unused space in you business or perhaps your home garage. This can not only provide additional sources of revenue from computer rental, international calling & load retailing but also increase foot traffic in your business.

1. Some Samples of existing business where you can set-up an Internet Cafe Plus

  • Fast-Food Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • Schools / Universities
  • Mall Shops / Department Stores
  • Grocery / Public Market / Sari-sari Store
  • Hotels
  • Gas Stations

2. Minimal Space Required
With 1-3 square meters, you can already set-up a 1-2 workstation franchise of an Internet Cafe Plus that will enable you to retail e-products & services for additional revenue.

3. No Maintenance Option
Everything Online self service technology allows you to convert your Everything Online Stations to operate without any manpower requirement. Franchisee have the option to avail of our self service kit that will allow staffless operation.

4. Franchise Packages Starts at P35,000 for the 1 PC set-up which includes the following:

  1. Business Franchise System / Use of Everything Online Internet Cafe Plus trademark & logo.
  2. PC Hardware (Redfox & AMD Certified) with system network configuration
  3. Microsoft Certified Operation System
  4. Computer Table & Chair
  5. Internet Cafe Plus Marketing Materials, Everything Online Streamers & Signage (selected locations)
  6. Preinstalled Software Applications for;
    • Online Internet Cafe Billing System
    • International Calling (Voice over I.P)
    • Online Gaming
    • E-learning (depends on the industry need)
  7. Everything Online Load & Pin Retailing Platform
  8. Smart Padala accreditation.
  9. Training & Business development Support
  10. Customer service & technical support

Franchise Package Modules:

  • 1 PC Module P 35,000
  • 2 PC Module P 70,000
  • 5 PC Module P175,000
  • 10 PC Module P350,000

Contact information:

Help Desk: 637-3323
Sales: 637-7234
Telefax No. 631-0506
Email: [email protected]

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