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Farmacia ni Dok Franchise

Farmacia ni Dok carries generics, branded and natural medicines, as well as personal care products in a convenient and friendly store set-up, complemented by trustworthy customer service.

Farmacia ni Dok is committed to providing Filipinos quality and value-for-money products to ensure good health, happy homes and secure futures.

Why a pharmacy franchise? Health and wellness are just as essential as housing, clothing and food, 96 million Filipinos at some point need medical attention, sickness, prevention and healthcare. The Filipino market is therefore on the look for wide-variety of affordable quality medicines from pharmacy outlets that are accessible from their homes.

Franchise Details

Option 1.  Standard Franchise Package. This is an All – Generic Medicines  Investment starts at about PHP349,000.00.  Initial inventory package are all generic with food supplements and galenicals. However, franchisee has the option to add branded medicines later on with additional investment to cover the upgraded franchise fee and medicines.

Option 2.  Premium Franchise Package.  Investment starts at about PHP449,000.00.  Similar to the All Generic Start-up with additional branded and natural supplements.

Option 3.  3 in 1 Master Franchise Package.  Investment starts at PHP1.299,000.00.  This package includes a 3 Premium Franchise package. This can be availed on staggered basis.

Franchise inclusion:

  • Right to use our trademark, name and logo
  • Site evaluation assistance
  • Store design and construction assistance
  • Documentation and business assistance
  • Comprehensive Franchise Operations Manual
  • Start-Up and pre opening assistance
  • Extensive training on pharmacy retailing, business management, store operations, customer service and personal development
  • Complete POS and BIR-Compliant Accounting System for a hassle-free business
  • Grand Opening, Advertising and marketing support
  • Continuous supply not only of generics and branded medicines but also of proven and potential natural or herbal medicines
  • Consumer friendly product pricing (3-5% cheaper compared to other generic drugstores)
  • Higher profit margins or mark ups
  • Regular Field Visits to monitor and address your business operation concerns and issues
  • Ongoing business guidance and consulting

Site Requirement:

  • Standard Format: 15 sqm. Stand Alone commercial location preferably near community centers, public market, transportation terminals and vehicular access
  • Hospital Format: 15-25 sqm. Stand alone located within the vicinity of a hospital or medical institutions


Farmacia ni Dok Inc.
Contact Person     :     Ferdinand D. Laureta/ General Manager
Mobile :     (0917) 542.9570
Tel:         (02) 234.5361 / (02) 234.2623
Email :    [email protected]
Mailing :    # 970 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue Brgy. Mariana, New Manila Quezon City
Website :

updated 3/29/2013


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