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FERN Slim Distributorship and Franchising

How does Fern Slim work for you?

FERN SLIM is made with tiny droplets of palm oil covered with galactolipid substances derived from oat oil. The galoctolipid gives the palm oil a resistant (hard to break) coat, making our bodies digest these droplets very slowly. The droplets then pass relatively undisturbed through the stomach and into the end part of the small intestine (called the ileum). This then triggers the body’s natural appetite control mechanism. A “feeling of fullness” (also called satiety) is signaled to the brain, causing you to eat less. Thus, if you take a cup of FERN SLIM during lunch, you will feel its effects during dinner and even afterwards. The effects actually last more than eight hours! This has been verified in five published, placebo-controlled, double blind studies.

****In order to get your FREE Distributor’s ID, you must purchase the Php 2,000 Distributor Starter Kit which includes your FERN Member ID, brochure, 2 boxes of FERN-C, and 1 box of FERN SLIM. Once you have activated your account via SMS, you are then entitled to receive HUGE lifetime discounts on all products of FERN, Inc. Once activated, the distributor may then purchase directly at the main office (Goldloop Tower, Ortigas) or through various stockists nationwide! Simply present your FERN member ID and enjoy the 33% (Php 250 off the retail price) LIFETIME SAVINGS on all FERN products for you and your family!

Once you’re a FERN member with at least 15 direct sub-distributors (may be accumulated one month after being a stockist), you are now allowed to apply for a franchise and be a stockist. It’s basically a “business center on a smaller scale, particularly suitable to areas where business potential exist.” The cost of being a stockist is only Php 60,000, as you are simply purchasing 120 boxes of FERN products at the discounted price of Php 500/box. Plus, there are NO ROYALTY FEES involved.

*Stocklist Product Package:

  1. 120 Boxes of FERN products
  2. 60 pieces of Membershp ID’s
  3. Sales Order Forms
  4. Provisional Receipt Forms
  5. 60 pcs. Business Kits (ID, brochure, flyer, form, plastic)
  6. 3 lifesize FERN tarpaulins, perfect marketing tools!


  1. Attend all the basic seminars, in order to understand the marketing plan and mechanics of the business. You must also attend both Stockist Orientation Part 1 and 2 as scheduled.
  2. Fill-up the Stockist Contract Application Form.
  3. Submit all the required documentary requirements: Barangay Clearance, Photocopy of Community Tax Certificate (cedula), Recent Proof of Billing under the applican’t name (Meralco, PLD, Credit Card, etc.), Photocopies of 2 valid IDs (other than FERN ID, such as SSS, GSIS, Passport, Driver’s License, PRC, etc.), 2 pieces recent 2×2 ID pictures.
  4. Wait for the scheduled personal screening or phone interview (if located in the province).
  5. Payment of Php 60,000 (P500 X 120 Boxes) upon approval of application.

*To facilitate processing, please submit requirements simultaneously before making any payment/purchase. FERN, Inc. shall advise you of the approval of your application in writing & then you may make the deposit or payment for the initial investment of Php 60,000.


John Rodica
G/F Goldloop Tower, J. Escriva Drive
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Phone: (63) 0922-597-6070
Email: [email protected]


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