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Food Kiosk Business Secrets to Success

Investing in a kiosk business may be small – scale but it is definitely challenging! With Potato Corner, it is now a household name in the kiosk industry.

Although kiosks require very little space, just one or two staff, and a few inventories, the perception of putting in a “small” investment is only half-true. The bigness comes when you need to have a novel idea for a product, unique selling propositions, exceptional branding strategies and consistent marketing efforts, among others.

Potato Comer reveals the secrets to its Week success:

1. What has not been done yet can still be done – Most kiosks you see around are either solutions to problems or innovations on how a particular product can be presented. Potato Comer stood by its decision to pursue its “crazy” flavored fries. If popcorn can be in different flavors, so can fries. Take some time to study your ideas. Always take the positive side of possibility and opportunity.

2. Make your business distinct from the rest – If you start your own kiosk based on already existing concepts, there would be lesser chances for you to lead in your particular category. To be different is important. See where you can shine the brightest or where people can see how you stand out.

Potato Corner is the original flavored fries maker and it is still exerting efforts to make consumers see its edge from the other competitors via unique selling propositions, branding and marketing.

3. Find your niche. – At the start of your business, this could be hard. Try to find your market strengths and capitalize on these.

Potato Comer found its market niche in children, attracting the entire family as well, including the teenagers, who bring along their “barkada.” Starting from SM Megamall, Potato Comer found out that Its mall locations do well. Next, it Potato Comer did well during parties. Build on your strengths.

4. Make a consistent statement – With too many carts around, you need to stand out from the crowd by being simple, yet attractive. You will not need loud neon colors and lots of tarpaulins. The public should perceive a level of consistency in your brand positioning and marketing. Reach out to the children by adjusting the size of the kiosk. Use colors that attract people with growling, empty stomachs to go to your kiosk.

5. Build a family, not a corporation – Business success does not happen when you have the money to hire people to work for you. Success happens when you have the idea, the passion and the enthusiasm to impart to a family, using whatever resources you have. Make every one part of the business so that they work with you, not for you.

6. Seek help from family and friends – Lack of capital is always an excuse that people give on why they cannot open a business. Potato Comer does not believe this to be a problem. Rather, it is the ability of finding ways to raise the money. Asking for help won’t kill a person. If one is denied, then he goes on to seek other help, again and again. There is always a person who can help.

To assist Potato Comer’s start-up, the founders had to ask for help from friends and family to augment their hard-earned savings, just to launch a concept that nobody thought would work. The courage to ask for help paid off.

7. Be part of people’s testimonials – Word-of-mouth advertising can do wonders. Be where your market is and serve them the best way you can by giving them a unique experience that will give them a reason to go back to your store.

8. If you don’t know the rules, you can’t win – Spot the best location where your market is. Make sure you know how the game is played so that you can change the rules to fit your requirements. Potato Comer changed the way French fries are handled, cooked and sold.


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