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Go! Ginataan Franchise

Twist those taste buds because the most innovative food for foodies is here! Grab a cup of Go! Ginataan and experience the weird yet amazing taste of the world of ginataan.

​Go! Ginataan reminds all of us of home. When we were all kids, we would usually go to our grandparent’s house and they would prepare our favorite home-made ulam and desserts, one of which is ginataan. As time passes and we grow older, we try looking for that familiar taste of home which is unique to each pinoy. The founders of Go! Ginataan want to bring that taste of home and the feeling of comfort that comes with it. Every Pinoy should be able to transform a cup of Go! Ginataan into that unique taste of home whenever and wherever they long for it. Go! Ginataan offers the original Filipino favorite snack with a twist of flavorful ice cream and toppings. Giving customers an amazing and new ginataan experience.

Hype up the competition by giving the best possible ginataan experience. Franchise Go! Ginataan right now and achieve your business dreams.

Franchise Details:

Franchise Fee: Php 50,000

  • Total Investment (Cart): Php 229,000
  • Total Investment (Kiosk): Php 249,000
  • Total Investment (Counter): Php 349,000

Space Requirements:

  • Cart – 4sqm
  • Kiosk – 6.25sqm
  • Counter – 8-10sqm


U-Franchise Sales & Management
Tel: (02) 8634.0586/3717
CP#: 0920.983.0247; 0917.881.6999
Email: [email protected]

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