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GoodHand Security Franchise

GOOD HAND SECURITY PRODUCTS was established in November 2004 as single proprietorship and later became Goodhand Security Products Corpo-ration in 2017 with a continuous goal for pursuing excellence in delivering wide range and top of the line of Security, safety, communication and electronic products.

Because of the increase in the awareness of crime and as a strong advocate and provider of public safety, we are GHPS Corp. believe that by empowering end-users about our products & services, we can conform to the demands of technological innovations affecting safety security and communications. We can be able to adapt to take action against the ongoing threat in the present society by providing additional safety/security measures for Business Enterprise, Commercial, industrial, Government and Homes.

We from Goodhand Security Products Corp, are challenged to raise the bar of Safety and Security. With the current situation immersed the Filipinos to be more vigilant in their environment. People today eventually began to invest on products that will ensure their everyday safety and security. Recognizing this trend, we at Goodhand Corp are here to provide easy access to affordable and reliable yet high quality security equipment that will give ad-ditional peace of mind, and protect business from disruptions caused by the latest challenges.

Franchise Details

Franchise Fee: P200,000
Inclusive of:

  • Use of Trade Name and Proprietary Marks
  • Location Approval
  • Training
  • Procurement Program
  • Opening Assistance
  • Operations Manual on Loan
  • Research and Development

Total Capital Requirement: P2 Million
Initial Term: 5 years
Continuation Fee: n/a
Required Space: 80 sqm minimum


Contact: 456 6862/2500/0263
Email: [email protected]

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