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Green Power Battery Retail Shop Franchise

Dead Batteries are serious environmental pollutants that needs to be classified as No. 1 hazardous waste. GreenPower Restore Corporation has innovative technology that separates such Lead Sulfates from plates to improve battery efficiency.

Our partner, RPower Korea have grown to be a manufacturing export company to 20 different countries for a greener and as a future eco-friendly company. The new battery restorer has the advantage of the fast restoration in comparison with other companies. New restorer completes operation within 5 to 16 hours while other companies take from more 33 hours to less than 72 hours per one battery.

Become a Franchise Owner!

  • Minimum investment.
  • Fast Return-of-Investment.
  • Full Technical Support.


GreenPower Restore Corp.
3rd Floor ECJ Building
Real corner Arzobispo Sts., Intramuros, Manila
Direct Line: (02) 577-8720
Office Mobile: 0917-533-5033
Email: [email protected]


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